Hal Leonard: “Advanced Rock Bass” • DVD/Book

ADVANCED ROCK BASS is a complete guide to Mark’s approach when composing basslines. Every single aspect of Mark’s bassline writing process is covered: chord analysis, fretboard mapping, composing lines with harmonics and tapping, voicing chords, mixing different techniques together, and an entire chapter on Mark’s personal philosophy for the role of the bass in modern rock/metal music.

Watch the preview video with samples below:

Order directly from Mark: www.MarkMichellStore.com

Order from Hal Leonard: www.HalLeonard.com

This particular chapter uses 10 bass-less tracks to go track-by-track and demonstrates different ideas over each track and focuses on what to listen for, what aspects of the other instruments to latch onto, how to combine a guitar and drum part to form a bassline, creating independent lines with their own melody, what elements of a chord to play around, and so much more. It’s your complete “A-Z” guide to composing thoughtful basslines for rock, metal, and prog music.

All exercises are playable on 4, 5, and 6-string basses.

1. Utilizing the Full Fretboard
2. Analyzing Chords
3. Voicing Chords on Bass
4. Mixing Fretted Notes and Harmonics
5. Mixing Chords and Tapping
6. Exploring Bass Line Options

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