Mark Michell’s Guide to Right-Hand Technique for Bass

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Mark Michell’s Guide to Right-Hand Technique for Bass is my first ever instructional book for bass guitar, focusing around all of the various “plucking-hand” techniques. This book includes over 120 unique exercises that are geared towards ALL skills levels, starting from the absolute basics and progressing all the way through intermediate and advanced concepts! With over 40 close-up pictures, descriptive “how-to” captions and notated finger patterns, this book will help you learn and perfect all standard techniques and styles used on the modern electric bass.

All exercises are written for 4-string basses, but can be applied and adjusted for basses with additional strings. Techniques covered in this book can be utilized for most all common styles and genres of music. This book contains 143 total pages, a full-color gloss front cover and spiral bounding, which is most convenient for allowing the book to stay spread open on stands and flat surfaces!

Topics covered:
– Plucking Styles
– Correct Form & Position
– Muting
– Floating-Thumb Technique
– Stretching
– Warm-Up Routines
– Alternate Plucking
– Three-Finger Plucking
– Plucking Speed & Clarity
– Finger Independence
– Raking
– Muted Notes & Grooves
– Scales & Modes
– Arpeggios
– String-Skipping
– Octaves
– Double-Stops
– Chords
– Slapping & Popping
– Double-Popping
– Harmonics
– Tapping
– Sweeping

Excerpt from book:

“…My vision for this instructional book is to simply shed light and share my knowledge regarding plucking-hand technique, which is sometimes an afterthought to many players. I find many players focus so much on what the left hand is doing as it determines the musical qualities of your playing, but many forget about the hand that produces the sound. Without proper sound, your music simply cannot be heard! Many players are content with learning to produce a sound with the plucking hand, and will then stop there and look no further. This usually results in negligence over time to the proper development of the plucking hand, and can become an obstacle in your playing many years later.

Whether you are a player looking to correct or brush up on your plucking-hand technique, or someone who has experience playing other stringed instruments and are now looking to pick up the bass guitar for the first time, this book will adequately provide you with the tools and approaches needed to get started…”

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