Tetrafusion’s new FREE album “Dreaming of Sleep” now available worldwide!

Everyone! If you haven’t heard, my longtime band Tetrafusion (since 2006) got back together last year for a new full-length album, and that album is finally out worldwide TODAY! I’m going to be honest and tell you right now, this album is the musical pinnacle of my career so far, and I highly recommend you check it out. You can download the album for absolutely FREE right here with 2 clicks of a button: “DREAMING OF SLEEP” FREE DOWNLOAD

As usual, I’m offering the complete, note-for-note bass transcription book for the entire album, which is also available on the left side of this page under “STORE“.

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Professor at 2016 Warwick Bass Camp!

I had an unforgettable experience last week teaching at the 2016 Warwick Bass Camp! I didn’t know I would be teaching this camp until just a few days before when I got the call that Billy Sheehan wasn’t able to make it last minute, so I was called to take his place! It’s truly an honor to have stepped in for someone who had such an impact on my playing early on.

My passion for teaching bass grew immensely this week being able to work first-hand with 83 students from 16 different countries who all come together with a unified love for bass playing. My goal was to leave them feeling inspired, but little do they know that THEY inspired me twice over in the process. Feeling very blessed to have had this opportunity, and for everyone at Framus & Warwick for their hard work and dedication to make this week what it was. Every year at Warwick Camp is an experience of a lifetime, but this was an extra special one I’ll never ever forget!


Professors 2016

MM Teaching 6

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Mark’s new Hal Leonard DVD/Book!

Excited to announce a HUGE career milestone…my new bass book/DVD published by Hal Leonard!! I grew up learning piano and trumpet from Hal Leonard books all through grade school so this is still absolutely surreal to me. “ADVANCED ROCK BASS” is out NOW and you can order at the link below. Shipping to anywhere in the world!

ORDER HERE: www.MarkMichellStore.com

-Book includes 75 minutes of video instruction, 70+ exercises, and 10 play-along tracks with all content written for 4-string bass.

-This is a complete guide to my approach when composing basslines. I focus on every single aspect imaginable: chord analysis, fretboard mapping, composing lines with harmonics and tapping, voicing chords, mixing different techniques together, and an entire chapter on my personal philosophy for the role of the bass in modern rock/metal music. This particular chapter uses 10 bass-less tracks where I go track-by-track and demonstrate different ideas over each and talk about what to listen for, what aspects of the other instruments to latch onto, how to combine a guitar and drum part to form a bassline, creating independent lines with their own melody, what elements of a chord to play around, and so much more. It’s my complete “A-Z” approach!


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New Scale the Summit album “V” in stores 9/18/15! New music video released for single “Stolas”, and album pre-orders available!!!

Proud to announce the upcoming release of the new Scale the Summit album “V” in stores September 18th, 2015! Our new music video for the single “STOLAS” is below!

PRE-ORDER – Bass Tab Books/Shirts – HERE


PRE-ORDER on iTunes with instant download of “Stolas” – HERE


1. The Winged Bull
2. Soria Moria
3. Pontus Euxinus
4. Trapped in Ice
5. Stolas
6. The Isle of Mull
7. Kestrel
8. Oort Cloud
9. Blue Sun
10. The Golden Bird

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My new bass lessons website, LOW END UNIVERSITY!

After 15 months of pure blood, sweat, and tears, I present to you LOW END UNIVERSITY! Hands down the biggest project I’ve ever completed to date. I’m very excited to work with all of you on my newest online teaching platform! I wanted the perfect solution to be able to teach bass students anywhere in the world 24/7. Watch the video and then I invite you to check out the site!

We provide a custom learning experience for every student with our ever-growing lesson video library and archive of application licks, printable PDF transcriptions, bass-less backing tracks, interactive features, members’ forum and more. We have currently over 7 hours of material posted with new lesson videos added every single week! Watch the short video trailer below for more information!


LEU Logo

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Interview Spread in iBass Magazine!

Thanks to iBass Magazine for the interview in the March 2015 issue! Check it out:


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EMGTV Video #2 – “Narrow Salient”

The second of three EMG TV videos I filmed back in January went live today! Check out “Narrow Salient” from Scale the Summit’s most recent album “The Migration”.

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EMGTV Video #1 – “The Dark Horse”

The first of three EMG TV videos I filmed back in January went live today! Check out “The Dark Horse” from Scale the Summit’s most recent album “The Migration”.

Using my custom shop Warwick Thumb NT 6-String in this video, equipped with EMG 45JX pickups and Dunlop Super Brights.

Thanks to this incredible company for having me out to film these – quite an amazing facility they have and I had a blast. Make sure to subscribe to their channel so you don’t miss out on future videos!

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NAMM 2015 Signings

I’m excited to be attending NAMM 2015 this year in Anaheim, CA! I’ll be doing a couple of performances and signings – details can be found below. Hope to see you there!

The days following NAMM, I’ll be filming some play-throughs at the incredible EMG TV studios in San Francisco. I’m super stoked to finally make it there, and can’t wait to release those videos!

EMG Pickups:
Friday, January 23rd
Booth 4568, Hall C
Signing Only

Dunlop Strings:
Saturday, January 24th
Booth 4784, Hall C
Performance & Signing


NAMM 2015 Artist Schedule

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Warwick Bass Camp/Open Day 2014!

I’m excited to announce I’ll be attending this year’s annual Warwick Bass Camp + Open Day 2014 in Markneukirchen, Germany as a guest artist! This year’s artist and professor roster is incredible and it’s an honor to be attending. Hope to see you there!


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